Sojat goat is a meat goat breed originate from Rajasthan in India. It is cross bred from the Jamunapari breed of goat.  The breed is mostly found between the belt of Sojat,Jodhpur and some other areas of Rajasthan. The popularity of meat goat farming business is growing day by day. And the demand of meat goat breeds is also increasing. Sojat goat breed is now found in almost every states of India.   They have very long, flat and dropping ears. They have short and thin tail. Both bucks and does are found mostly without horn. The does have well developed udder which is round in shape with large conical teats. Bucks are larger in size than the does, and are very beautiful. The coat color of Sojat goat has many variations. But mostly they are white in color with spots. On an average, adult Sojat bucks weight about 50-60 kg and does about 40-50 kg.

Sojat goat is mainly raised for meat production. And its milk yield is low.The breed is very popular during muslim festival of Eid-Ul-Adha due to its beautiful features and white colors. They also have a pink shade which makes them look very attractive.