Osmanabadi goat

Osmanabadi  Doe

Osmanabadi goat breed is found in the  Latur and Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. These are medium-sized animals usually black in color. Osmanabadi goats are resistant to diseases .Their disease resistance as compare to other goat breed is more. Hence considered as the good breed for commercial goat farm. Also the milk yielding ability and the reproduction is good. Osmanabadi goats have a high twinning percentage. Milk yield is about 1-2 litres per day and the lactation period is of three months. Osmanabadi goats are well adaptive to any region of India . Also their disease resistant ability enhance there demand in the country by different goat farmer.

Besides skin of the goat is of high quality and is widely used for commercial purposes. It could be challenging sometimes for osmanabadi goats to adapt to stall-fed system if they are habituated to open field grazing.

The average weight of osmanabadi buck is 34kg and buck is around 32kg. The body length of buck is 68cm and doe is 66cm.